Who are we

We are Freddy and Yvonne Schuitema and our sons, Damon and Justin. We live in Winschoten which lies on the northeast end of the province of Groningen.

After our little dogs sadly passed away of old age, we decided that our next dog will be a Bullmastiff. The breed caught our attention thanks to the power and strength that they radiate. This is what we searched for in a dog. We then went to see a breeder and took Tyson, our first bullmastiff, home. It was a fantastic pup, both sweet and social.

Tyson was born on August 31st 2006 and is a son of My Big Fello Off Sandokans Home and Dunya V/D Bullhoeve. Tyson had Hip Dysplasia C and Elbow Dysplasia 0 and was deployed as a stud.

Juna was born on June 13th 2011. She is a daughter of Tyson and Chanel and has strengthend our kennel. Juna has Hip Dysplasia A and Elbow Dysplasia 1 and is approved by the Dutch breed club, she is a lady that is social and has a very sweet character.

Skadi Bulls off Tysons Home was born on June the first 2015. Skadi is a daughter of Juna and Max V/D Hemelboom. Skadi has Hip Dysplasia A and Elbow Dysplasia 2. She is not suitable for breeding.

Osiris Bulls off Tysons Home (Ozzy) was born on the Sixth of October 2017 out of a nest of two dogs. He is the son of Juna and Eibe Fan It Roaske. Ozzy has Hip Dysplasia A and Elbow Dysplasia 0.

We breed exclusively with dogs that have been tested for Hip Dysplasia A/B/C and Elbow Dysplasia 0/1. Our dogs have a DNA profile, Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia certificates and a FCI pedigree, a bullmastiff without a pedigree is categorized as a 'high risk' dog. Our dogs live in our home and not in kennels. Our goal is to try and make good and happy bullmastiffs by selective breeding. We do not breed 'show dogs', we also do not breed on request, we breed a nest for ourselves. There is only one race present and that is the Bullmastiff, so that we can fully concentrate on the breed. There will never be more than four full grown Bullmastiff present here.

We wish you the best on our website, Bulls Off Tysons Home!

Kind regards,

Freddy en Yvonne Schuitema