Pup Info

We are a kennel acknowledges by the Dutch Board of Management, our name ''Bulls Off Tysons Home'' is FCI registered.
Bulls Off Tysons Home breeds according to the breeding rules from the Dutch Board of Management in the Kynological field.

We really like the breed, the Bullmastiff. We do not earn out money with the dogs. This means that if we plan a litter that grows in our home that we have to take days off.

We breed on a very small scale.
The health of our dogs is number one and we try to use the same male/female as little as possible in our kennel
We breed exclusively with a combination that we believe to be the best terms of health and character, we are not clairvoyants who can look in a male, female or puppy to say that they are perfectly healthy.

All our dogs that we use in our kennel for breeding will be in possession of an HD and ED test, lung test and a health certificate from the veterinarian.
Our dogs that are used for breeding also have their hearts and lungs checked.
We allow Hip Dysplasia A and B and Elbow Dysplasia 0 and 1 in our breeding program.

If you are interested in one of our planned litters, we expect that if you are not familiar with the breed "the Bullmastiff", that you have informed yourself or contacted us for an information talk.
Are you familiar with the "Bullmastiff" breed? Then we invite you as soon as it is known that one of our ladies is pregnant.
If the pregnancy is confirmed, we would like to invite you for a personal acquaintance, so that we can get to know you and you our dogs.
The pups grow up in the house and will be accustomed to the various daily matters in the house.
The puppies get a socialization training with human, animals and various sounds etc.
The pups receive a pedigree from the Dutch Board of Management in the Kynological field called: "FCI-pedigree." The pup will be provided with a DNA profile and a chip.
- You will be notified when the puppies are born.
- You can visit the puppies by appointment after a period of 2 to 3 weeks.
The pups are examined by a veterinarian when they leave the nest, four times dewormed and have had the first puppy-graft.
You will also receive a puppy package and a purchase agreement.

Are you interested in a pup? Then please mail to bullsofftysonshome@gmail.com.